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Drip Line

XFD Dripline


Dripline, Tubing & Distribution Components


The most flexible, pressure-compensating inline emitter tubing available to irrigate ground cover, dense plantings, hedge rows and more.

Extra flexible tubing for fast, easy installation.

Dual-layered tubing (brown over black or purple over black) provides unmatched resistance to chemicals, UV damage and algae growth.

Patent pending emitter design provides for increased reliability.

Longer lateral runs than competition.

Micro Jets
 Micro Sprays & Jets: Micro spray irrigation systems cover a category of irrigation spray caps, bases, one-piece, and adjustable sprayers and micro sprinkler sprays that are small and designed to operate with micro drip irrigation systems. These micro drip irrigation sprayers and spray jets can be used for ground cover, flower beds, vegetable gardens and landscapes where you need to water a large area. Micro drip irrigation sprayer bases come in barbed and threaded connections and several micro drip irrigation spray jets come already installed as part of a 6" inch stake assembly. Micro drip irrigation sprayers are available in full circle, half circle, quarter circle patterns.
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